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Floggers: How To Begin

Beginners guide to their first flogger

First there are many different types of “floggers” the small personal kind up to and including the “Cat-o-nine-tails”. We will be talking about the smaller personal kind made for those just beginning their journey into the art of BDSM.

A perfect beginners flogger is a small easy to hold flogger with short tails. The length of the tails is important for beginners as this feature helps to prevent unwanted injury to the subject of the flogging. One if the best ones we found is the BDSM Flogger Adult Personal Size In 4 Colors . It is easy to hold with a wrapped handle, a lanyard for hanging it up, and short but numerous tails. It is fairly inexpensive but of good quality.

Flogging is a form of impact play much like spanking but involves use of a device i.e. the flogger, a paddle, a crop. As many people will tell you, impact play can be sexual or just a release for stress. The object is not so much to induce pain but to enhance the whole experience. Only consenting adults should engage in impact play plus it should always be done with a planned “Safe Word”. Your safe word will instantly stop whatever going on. You should also discuss what level of impact should be used. For first timers consider a lower and shorter level. You can always revise it or up the level as your experience and confidence grows.

Before you begin your adult play, let your flogger hang free for a while to gravity straighten the tails. If you stuff your flogger into a drawer it is best to hang it up and let it straighten before use.

There are placed on your subjects body you should avoid hitting to prevent potential injury: Eyes, Ears, Head, Feet, Calves, Genitals. You should also avoid letting the tails wrap-around and striking the other side of your subject; such as when flogging on the back letting the tails wrap around and strike the breast (ouch). Such mistakes can make for a quick use of the safe word and a end to the play time. This is where the short tails help. Beginners may have to experiment with different ways to use the flogger and the short tails can help prevent wrap around errors.

To start drag the flogger across the parts of the body you intend to strike. Buttocks, upper thighs, back (not the spine or shoulders). This will not only get your subject used to the feel of the flogger but build anticipation making the “release” that much stronger. You should never haul off and strike as hard as you can, this can cause undue injury plus you may lose control and strike parts of your subject unintended places. Again, the object is not to induce pain but to enhance sensation.

Once you have mastered the art of flogging with a small personal flogger you can be confident in upgrading to other forms of impact play and/or bigger floggers or even whips.

Leather Flogger Personal SizeLeather Flogger Personal SizeLeather Flogger Personal Size

Some of the personal floggers available on

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