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Lingerie Top/Dress Skirt Set

Bring Your Lingerie Into The Light

To be fair Katy has been at the forefront of lingerie street style for sometime now. The difference is other celebrities are catching on. The multi-talented Camila Cabello just walked out showing a sheer lingerie top under her Gucci Blazer.

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Cotton Thong Pantie On

Spring Basic Lingerie Trends

While style has caught up with women’s wear that is both business attire and cocktail hour ready the fashion powers have just recently realized that same concept for underwear.

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Evolved Brand Trifecta Vibrator *

A Guide to Your Triple Stimulation Sex Toy.

Triple stimulation sex toys are 3-in-1 toys that allow you to achieve anal, G-spot, and clitoral stimulation, all at the same time. They might come off as intimidating, but they’re actually pretty easy to use: the shaft part is inserted into your vagina, the smaller dildo goes in your anus, and the clitoral massager is positioned on your clitoris. 

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New Year's Eve Party Dresses on

New Year’s Eve Dresses

New Year’s Eve Party Dresses December is going by so fast.  Yet, there is still time to order that special dress for the New Year’s

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Model With Personal size flogger whip on

Floggers: How To Begin

To start drag the flogger across the parts of the body you intend to strike. Buttocks, upper thighs, back (not the spine or shoulders). This will not only get your subject used to the feel of the flogger but build anticipation making the “release” that much stronger.

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