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Comfy Sleep Choices

By the time we reach the ripe old age of 18 most of us will have already established a set way of going to bed at night. As kids we may have slept in cartoon jammies or boys in their tighty whities. Girls tend to graduate up to over-size t-shirts. By the time young ladies move out for college, or to be on their own, or with friends, or with an intimate partner, the t-shirt will no longer do.

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It might take a while before you realize wearing a nice set of silky pajamas makes the perfect night time choice. Quality pajamas of soft silky material feels smooth and cool while providing a comfortable layer between your skin and the outside world. These types of pajamas slide easily against bed sheets and covers so there is almost no resistance to movements while you sleep. Additionally, while they feel cool to the touch they keep the wearer warm when not under the covers. Most will also protect your modesty so no rushing to put on a robe or get dress because of roommates, friends, or even kids, when going to the kitchen for your morning coffee.

They can also be stylish, casual, and sexy all at once. Our choice year round is a two piece set with spaghetti straps Y-back top and cute short bottoms with ruffled hems.

Please check out the links below of our pajama selections:

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