Fishnet Lingerie Tops Strapless Bra And Metallic Skirt Set


20% Off Price StickerLingerie Top Strapless Bra And Metallic Mini Skirt Set

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20% Off Price StickerFishnet Lingerie Top With Strapless Bra And Metallic Skirt Set

Looking to enjoy the cooling freedom of wearing this soft lacy lingerie top/dress on the hot summer nights?  This black lace cut out lingerie is long enough to be worn as a micro-mini dress, or with your favorite skirt.  Black lends itself to match almost any skirt or top you want to add to the mix. Plus wearing lingerie as “Street Style” is trending with big celebs.

Add one of our strapless bras to keep your modesty if you want.  And don’t forget a sexy black metallic look mini skirt to complete your look. 

Either way enjoy a 20% discount on your purchase of the complete set.      



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